Asexuality is characterized by a lack of sexual feelings or desires, or by a lack of sexual attraction to anyone. Asexual individuals, also known as "aces", have a distinct pride flag that was designed to represent their unique experiences and identity.

Asexual Pride Flag

Understanding the Asexual Flag Colors

Designed in 2010 by an Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) user named standup, the Asexual Pride Flag is a simple four-bar design that deliberately avoids referencing specific symbols or nations. It aligns with the designs of other Gender and Sexual Minority (GSM) community pride flags. Here's what the colors mean:

  • Purple: This color represents the community.
  • White: This color stands for non-asexual allies and partners.
  • Grey: This color represents grey-asexuality and demisexuality.
  • Black: This color represents asexuality.

Dream Maker Pins Asexual Flag Offering

wearable asexual pride flag enamel pin on a denim jacket

Dream Maker Pins offers a standard Asexual Pride Flag Pin.

Our customers have shared their appreciation for this pin:

  • "Amazing!!! Was so happy to find a silver asexual pin... even higher quality than the picture... it was a pleasant surprise :D" - Lockie Morton Rutherford
  • "Absolutely beautiful. Great quality... The pin's colors really stand out... definitely a favorite of mine." - Erica Rowe
  • "This pin is excellent! Definitely great quality and exactly as represented!" - Ben Heaney
  • "Happy to finally have something to make me proud of who I am and what I feel... All around I'm very happy." - Classypigeon Harber

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