About us huh? This all really started on accident. In 2015 I had a good friend/co-worker Midge. Midge was diagnosed with a heart condition out of the blue and the future was not looking good. Midge wore those "barefoot" shoes, we always thought he looked silly but man, he LOVED those shoes. As Midge started missing more and more work it was obvious financial help was needed. I had some pins made, a heart with Midge's silly toe shoes on it. We sold the pins, raised some money and helped his family. Midge passed away but the pins are still around keeping his spirit alive.

The following year, I had friends who wanted to make a pin for their loved one who had passed and Dream Maker Pins was born.

Our original plan was to only do bulk custom orders of 100 pins or more, and no other products. That's laughable even saying that nowadays. 😂 We were overwhelmed with people asking about awareness ribbons, we agreed to make 100 pink ribbons and sell them individually.....and like that our Etsy shop was born.

There's a story behind most of our products. My aunt, my fav human on earth (sorry family, but they know and loved her just the same) had been diagnosed with breast cancer for what felt like the 24th time. I was never a fan of wearing wristbands but I was desperate to show my aunt she had my support and I wanted her with me at all times. Selfishly, I had wristbands made that say "I wear pink for my Aunt". When the family heard about my wristbands they requested mom, grandma and sister versions for themselves.

This part of the story really sucks but my aunt was soon diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer ribbon is white. I went to order myself and my family new wristbands that would say I wear white for my aunt. But before I could order the white bands the cancer had gone to her brain 😭. I, with my family were all shocked and feeling helpless. In my desperation to find anything to fill the void of my aunt being sick I ordered wristbands in white and gray that said "I wear this for my aunt". And that is how the wristband side of our business was born.

Ribbon pins and the I wear this for my wristbands are now our most popular products. We have proudly provided 1000's of families with our wristbands to show their loved ones support. We have been able to give back to awesome charities like Cal's Angels, Team Jack and the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation for family support and cancer research.

We have been flooded with emails and reviews from people sharing their stories about the themselves or a person they love. We couldn't be more proud to have created something so simple yet powerful. I have shed many a tear and spoke many prayers for our customers and their battles. Each and every relationship we have has been added because someone made a request. We now offer 50+ relationships and 10+ colors.

Being is this business has been one of the toughest yet rewarding experiences in my life. We enjoy meeting our customers and love hearing their stories, but we daily we wish our products weren't needed. If we closed up tomorrow because not one more person was diagnosed with an awful disease we will happily find a new career path.

Much love,

Heidi and the Dream Makers