As the founder of Dream Maker Pins, I am proud of our company's commitment to giving back to our community. We were founded through personal experience, using lapel pins and silicone wristbands to raise funds for a friend in need. The success of our fundraising efforts using these products inspired us to help others do the same.

Since then, Dream Maker Pins has donated over $25,000 to various charities close to our hearts. In 2021, our focus was on LGBTQIA charities, while in 2022, we supported BIPOC organizations. However, we have consistently donated to childhood cancer organizations every year.

In 2021 our family moved to Illinois and got more involved in our local community. It was through this community involvement that I met a woman named Amy, whose son, Avery, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer that affects soft tissues. 

Avery has had his fair share of ups and downs, but he is currently doing well and looking forward to ringing that bell. However, the Quarles family has had to endure a challenging and emotional journey that no family should ever have to experience.

The sad reality is that childhood cancer is often overlooked and underfunded, with only 4% of federal funding allocated to childhood cancer research. Most childhood cancer tests are also over 30 years old, highlighting the urgent need for better research and funding. One in 285 kids will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday, with the average age of diagnosis being 8 years old. These statistics show that childhood cancer is a pressing issue that needs more attention.

This personal relationship has led us to partner with Avery's Rhabdo "Blast" Project as our 2023 charity partner. The project aims to fund a test that could significantly advance rhabdomyosarcoma research and help families like Avery's avoid the nightmare of cancer treatments. The test costs over $120,000, which is too expensive for an average family to afford. The Quarles family has set up a nonprofit to take donations for the test, and we are committed to helping them raise the necessary funds.

When purchasing from Dream Maker Pins or supporting our business, you are helping to support families like Avery's and contribute to childhood cancer research. Our commitment to giving back makes a significant impact on our local community and beyond. It is a reminder that every small action can make a difference, and together, we can create a bigger impact.

To learn more about the research we are working to fund, or to make a donation to help, the website is Avery's Rhabdo "Blast" Project

Keep Dreaming, 


Founder & Owner Dream Maker Pins

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