The Run for Rhabdo Research 5k event hosted by Fitness On The Fox, held at Peck Farm Park in Geneva, IL, was a day filled with smiles, excitement, and a shared sense of purpose. Participants gathered not just for a fun run but for a noble cause - to raise money for Avery's Rhabdo 'Blast' Project. Avery, a superhero at just five years old, has recently triumphed over Rhabdomyosarcoma. His incredible journey began when he was diagnosed at the age of 10 months, and it culminated in a joyous celebration of his 5th birthday at the race.

On this beautiful morning, a diverse group of participants, ranging from runners and joggers to walkers and kids in strollers, gathered to support the Run for Rhabdo Research 5k and Kids Fun Run. The event was not just a physical challenge; it was an emotional one too. As the temperature climbed over 80 degrees, participants faced the unseasonable heat, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the cause. Many drew inspiration from the young superheroes battling cancer and the memory of those children we have tragically lost. Their determination powered them through the 5k.

The event was not just about running; it was about recognition and appreciation. Dream Maker Pins played a pivotal role in adding to the excitement, providing gold ribbon enamel pins and silicone wristbands bearing messages of support. For those runners who were there to compete, Dream Maker Pins provided customized lanyards and ceramic rounds served as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. 

In addition to providing awards and event swag, Dream Maker Pins’ Founder, Heidi, took on the role of an event photographer. Throughout the event, there were moments that touched the hearts of everyone present. The kids' boundless enthusiasm and a heartfelt encounter with a mother running for her daughter Megan, who had bravely battled cancer and won. Meg passed away in June but left a lasting impact, her spirit was with us! For those interested, Megan's story and her wishes can be found HERE. Megan left us a list of instructions to follow when she passed. We are sad we didn't get to meet her but will honor her instructions! 

The Run for Rhabdo Research 5k event wasn’t just fun and spread awareness; it also achieved significant fundraising success, raising $3,200 and counting!!!! You can help us increase that total! You can learn more about Avery's Rhabdo 'Blast' Project and consider contributing to this noble cause HERE.

Join us in celebrating the success of this remarkable event that brought together a community to support superheroes like Avery and contribute to the fight against pediatric cancer. Hip Hip Hooray! 

Thank you to all the event planners, volunteers and everyone who joined us for a beautiful Saturday morning!

Together, we make a difference.

You can find all the event photos HERE.

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