Understanding the different elements of the LGBTQ+ flags goes a long way in appreciating the beauty of the diversity they represent. The Bisexual Flag, designed by Michael Page in 1998, is one such emblem that stands for the bisexual community, offering a symbol as vibrant as the gay pride rainbow flag. Each color on the Bisexual Flag carries a significant meaning that reflects the diversity within the bisexual community.

bisexual pride flag with pink, purple and blue stripes

Bisexual Flag Colors and Their Meanings

The Bisexual Flag is a medley of three colors - pink, purple, and blue. Each of these colors carries a significant meaning:

  1. Pink: Symbolizes same-gender attraction.
  2. Blue: Represents attraction to the opposite gender, or in the case of non-binary individuals, attraction to a different gender.
  3. Purple (the blend of pink and blue): Stands for attraction to two or more genders.

A Brief History of the Bisexual Flag

Bisexual pride enamel pin on a denim jacket

Michael Page designed the Bisexual Flag in 1998 with a simple yet powerful intention - to give the bisexual community its unique symbol and to increase its visibility. Bi-erasure, the tendency to ignore or negate bisexuality, was a significant problem back then, and sadly, it continues to be so even today. The Bisexual Flag is a bold, visual assertion of the community's presence and validity.

The Bisexual Flag Pins

Bisexual Pride Flag wearable enamel pin

At Dream Maker Pins, we offer two unique takes on the Bisexual Flag in the form of enamel pins. The Bisexual Pride Flag Enamel Pin represents the traditional flag design, while the Bisexual Heart Pride Flag Enamel Pin captures the spirit of bisexuality in a charming heart shape.

Our Happy Customers

Our customer satisfaction is our utmost reward. Here's what a few of them have to say about our Bisexual Flag Pins:

"Excellent quality and great size" - Samual Mante.

"Beautiful pin! It's so sturdy, and I love the backing options!" - Elli Herzog.

"Lovely, smooth, and whatever other accurate adjectives will allow me to meet the word count so I can give this pin the 5 stars it deserves." - Deborah Lueilwitz.

"Absolutely love! Here's 3 pro's to point out… 1) Very fast shipping indeed, 2) Very cute packaging 3) And Friendly service! Definitely shop from this small business! Thank you!" - Brie Schoen

Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Dream Maker Pins is committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community in its diverse forms. This month, we're directing our donations to Zebra Coalition, a phenomenal organization that empowers LGBTQ+ youth, fostering a nurturing, safe environment for them to thrive. Learn more about their mission.

Our Bisexual Flag Pins are a testament to diversity, inclusion, and the freedom to love. As you wear them, you're not just expressing your identity but also supporting a larger, global movement.

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