Custom Products - dreamed up by you, made by us. Let's make your perfect something together. It's what we do best. In fact, what we love to do most. We'll take your idea and create a product that feels a little bit like magic.

What is custom? Custom, for us is any order of 100 or more, of your design. Do you have an idea you have dreamed of? We can help. Don't have artwork for your idea? For a fair artist fee, we are able to help with that too.

Now that we have qualified what custom is, let's jump into the process of having your enamel pins produced.

What's needed to have pins made?

- An idea! 💡

- Schedule - start to finish you will need 3-5 weeks.

- Artwork (we can help)

What's the process to have your pins made?

1. Submit your project.

2. The Dream Maker Artist will start creating your proof.

3. You will approve the proof or request revisions for the perfect proof.

4. Once approved - pay your invoice

5. Dream Maker submits project for production

6. You will sign off on the final production proof.

7. Wait patiently for the tracking number for your pins to arrive on your doorstep.

8. Open your package like it's Christmas morning!

Ready for some abracadabra? Then let's get started!

Not ready to committ? Cool, keep scrolling to get all of your answers, THEN commit. We are ready when you are.


Psssst........there is no "RIGHT"

Soft Enamel

This is what a soft enamel pin looks like. You can see the ridges. The details stand out more. We find some designs pop more with soft enamel. The depth in the soft enamel technique makes it appear more 2D. Other pins, we don't think matter as much. It really is the buyer's preference.

Hard Enamel

Now that you know that soft enamel pins stand out because of the ridges in the design. You can easily tell this pin has a smooth flat surface. Hard Enamel pins are smooth with no texture. This pin's design was best done in hard enamel. Had we done it in soft enamel the glitter would have been lost in the ridges. Some people feel hard enamel has a higher percieved value, but we don't agree. Soft enamel or hard enamel should be choose by each pin's artwork. We will not pick a side.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

How long will it take to get my custom pins?

Each project will have it's unique production time. It is safe to say 3 -4 weeks will cover most projects.

How much do custom pins cost?

100 pins will start at $300+. Pin type, size and design will change the projects pricing.

What is the minimum order?

100 pins

What type of artwork do I need?

We can work with most files. Our DREAM file is an .ai which is a vector file. If you don't have an .ai file a high resolution JPEG, PFD, .PSD are other quality files.

What if I have a great idea but no artwork?

For a fair artists fee we are able to help you design your pins.

Where are your pins made?

Our pins are manufactured through our factory partners in China.

Here are some sample prices to help you plan your project's budget. This is is price per piece rate. Please multiple the per piece rate with the project quantity.
*this is a base price, each project is quoted by the design. 
Hard Enamel Pins
Soft Enamel Pins 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000
0.75" $2.61 $2.11 $1.44 $1.11 $0.99 $0.86
1" $2.75 $2.23 $1.58 $1.24 $1.15 $0.98
1.25" $2.89 $2.40 $1.73 $1.33 $1.24 $0.95
1.5" $3.11 $2.51 $2.09 $1.53 $1.34 $1.16
1.75" $3.42 $2.82 $2.38 $1.83 $1.63 $1.44
2" $3.80 $3.21 $2.79 $2.25 $2.04 $1.89

 **Multiple the quantity by the price. 

Things that may change the base price. 

Glitter - add $0.25 per pin per color

Glow-in-the dark - add $0.25 per pin

Spinners - quoted per projects but commonly range $1 - 2.25 per pin

Locking backs - add $0.50 per pin

Sliders -  quoted per project but commonly range $2 - 2.50 per pin

Screen printing - add $0.30 per color per pin 

Epoxy dome - add $0.35 per pin

Sequential numbering - add $0.25 per pin

Hinges -

quoted per project but commonly range $0.75 - 1.50 per pin

Cut Outs - add $0.10 per pin per cut out

Backstamp - One time $50 fee to be reused. **Backstamps are destroyed after being unused for one year. 

Double+ posts - add $0.10 per pin per additional post

Danglers - quoted per project but commonly range $1 - 2.50 per pin

Blinkers - quoted per project but commonly range $1 - 2.50 per pin