Television SMPTE Color Bars enamel pin


Our Television SMPTE Color Bars enamel pins are a must-have for all television, film and video professionals. Inspired by the iconic SMPTE color bars used in television broadcasting, these pins are a nod to the technology and standards that make modern TV possible. Made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, each pin is a stylish and functional accessory that you'll love wearing to work or showing off at industry events.

*Hard enamel construction — smooth surface design

*Approx. 1.25-inch wide

*Features two posts to keep it secure

*Includes black rubber pinbacks

*To really showcase your pin’s design, your new purchase arrives on a special pin card — a happy greeting when you open your package.

Which Pinback is Best?

When it comes to pinbacks, there are two main options: rubber pinbacks and locking pinbacks.

Rubber pin backs are the traditional option and offer a basic level of security for your pin. They work by simply gripping the pin stem and holding it in place. However, they are less secure than locking pinbacks.

Locking pin backs, on the other hand, provide a more secure hold for your pin. They have a locking mechanism that keeps the pin more securely in place. These are ideal for use on bags or articles of clothing that tend to be brushed against other things, as they will hold the pin much more securely and prevent it from falling off.

Packaging & Shipping

When you buy from us, we make sure your item is packaged well and sent to you quickly. We ship through USPS first-class mail with tracking.

You will get an with a tracking number once we ship your order. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

If you need your item sooner, please upgrade to 1-3 day Priority shipping with USPS.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Fahmie
Great quality!

As someone who works in television, this is a fitting and unique pin to add to my travel bag. So happy you added this. The quality is great and I love wearing it around!

Brian Lantz
Who doesn’t love bars?!

Anyone that works in tv, loves bars, in one sense or another. I’m no different, I love bars because they have lots of beer and I also love this pin, because it’s the basis for everything tv. Dreammaker was super super fast shipping and amazing customer service! Love ‘em

Jim Dilley
Perfect Pin For Television People!

I was excited to find this little gem. The people at Dream Maker Pins are the best! Quick and accurate fulfillment of my order. I wish all companies ran like this.