Welcome back to our Pride Month series! Today, we're diving into the symbolism and importance of the Transgender Pride Flag. We'll also take a look at our collection of Transgender Pride Flag Pins, each beautifully designed to proudly represent this vibrant community.

transgender pride flag

The History and Meaning of the Transgender Flag

The Transgender Pride Flag was created in 1999 by Monica Helms, a Navy veteran and transgender woman. According to Helms, the idea for the flag came to her during a moment of quiet reflection one morning, an experience she described as "divine intervention."

The flag made its debut at the Phoenix Pride Parade in 2000, and by 2014, the original flag was acquired by the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, marking its significance in the fight for transgender rights and recognition.

The Transgender Pride Flag features five horizontal stripes: two light blue, two pink, and one white in the center. The light blue stripes represent boys, the pink stripes represent girls, and the white stripe in the middle represents those who are transitioning, are genderless, or consider themselves neutral or undefined.

The Transgender Flag Pin Collection

Transgender pride enamel pins for wearing on pins, jackets, hats and more by Dream Maker Pins

At Dream Maker Pins, we honor the history and symbolism of the Transgender Pride Flag with a collection of high-quality metallic enamel pins. Whether you identify as transgender or you're an ally wanting to show your support, these pins are a powerful symbol of solidarity, acceptance, and love.

We offer several designs, each embracing the iconic light blue, pink, and white stripes:

Dream Maker Pins and Our Commitment

At Dream Maker Pins, we believe in the power of visibility and representation. We're proud to contribute to the Zebra Coalition this Pride Month, an organization that supports at-risk LGBTQ+ youth and is particularly sensitive to the needs of transgender youth.

Celebrate Pride with Us

This Pride Month, show your transgender pride or allyship with our Transgender Flag Pin Collection. Your purchase not only helps raise visibility for the transgender community but also supports organizations like the Zebra Coalition.

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From all of us at Dream Maker Pins, we wish you a meaningful Pride Month!

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