Pansexuality, often explained as gender-blindness, is a sexual or romantic orientation not limited by biological sex, gender, or gender identity. A symbol that mirrors this all-encompassing attraction is the Pansexual Pride Flag, created in 2010 by an online pansexual community.

pansexual pride flag

Understanding the Pansexual Flag Colors

The Pansexual Pride Flag features three horizontal stripes: salmon pink, canary yellow, and bright blue. Each stripe represents different gender groups:

  • Pink: This color represents those who identify as female.
  • Yellow: This color stands for individuals that identify anywhere in the gender spectrum or beyond.
  • Blue: This color represents those that identify as male.

Dream Maker Pins Pansexual Flag Offerings


Pansexual Flag Heart Enamel Pin on a dark wooden table


Dream Maker Pins offers two variants of Pansexual Pride Flag enamel pins. There is a standard Pansexual Flag Pin, and a heart-shaped Pansexual Flag Pin.

Further Reading

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